Responsibility — Response-ability

Anyone-can-Contributions-for-each-other-when-we-Are-Connected-Easy-BranchesHave you ever heard of “frequency holder”? It is a term coined by Eckhart Tolle to descibe an awake person or people who stay under the radar and live seemingly ordinary lives. An appealing way of living, I must say.

Some while ago I told a friend about it and said, “Perhaps that’s what I am destined to be. A frequency holder, staying under the radar, living a quiet life, and doing normal everyday chores.”

My friend sneared at the idea, “You wish. You are trained in communications. You can write. You have many friends. You’ve studied lots of stuff and traveled far. Go figure.”
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Begini aku kamu

Begini aku melihatmu

Malaikat yang telah lama mewujud dalam cakrawala kesadaranku. Semakin lama semakin terang bersinar, semakin berwarna, semakin solid, semakin lembut. Berlebihan, ujarmu? Mungkin. Namun tak kutemukan frase lain untuk menggambarkan dirimu.

Apa-adamu. Jaim-mu. Senyum tawamu. Harumu. Candamu. Seriusmu. Biasamu. Istimewamu. Riangmu. Laramu. Jarakmu. Dekatmu. Sapamu. Senyapmu. Gerakmu. Diammu. Adamu. Hilangmu. Lugasmu. Lembutmu. Seimbang sempurna.
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That split second of diverting: A Maleficent experience

maleficent-angelina-jolie-2014-wallpapers_948664419I was all set. Ready for the premier of Maleficent on a TV channel at the convenience of my own house. I even had a warm cup of tea with me.

As the film started, my eyes were glued to the set. Fascinating effects and colours of the make-believe world – the way Angelina Jolie’s character, maleficent herself, swooshed inches above the ground and the water then rose up above the cloud to feel the wind and the sunshine.
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I am saying goodbye

I am saying goodbye to the you in my mind. The you that I have shaped in the forms of subjective memories and impressions. The you that I have been secretly holding so close to myseld. I am letting go of the boundaries that I have put around you and around us. For I sense the vast praire which you and I can roam about, far beyond those boundaries.
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