Be — A proclamation

“It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community, a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. And the practice can be carried out as a group, as a city, as a nation.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

I truly believe that this is emerging at this very moment and it shall continue to unfold. 

For this to happen, education is key. Not the formal education as we know it, but an education for human to be fully human – a blessing to the universe, a vicegerent of the All Compassionate. 

I bow to those who have boldly initiated these moves — who have started to form such communities, provide such education, and live an “alternative” way of living — one that is more compassionate and humane. Those who have shown us that not only this is possible, it is also most certainly desirable. I love you.

I dedicate my life for this vision to manifest. This much I know. As a dear friend once quoted, “our job is to be an awake people… utterly conscious, to attend to our world.”

God knows best and He guides the Way. May He make it easy for us.

Post script: I wanted to write more, but there are no words to add yet. I felt it is important for me to put this out there urgently. A stated intention. A proclamation. A dedication. An invitation. A green light to what is unfolding. I am saying yes to the Universe.

Establishment of the soul

Chis events bannerWhen friends asked me about my biggest learning from my six month courses at Beshara, UK, I used to say: “I have become more of myself. I have allowed myself to become however I am at each moment, more so than before. “ Always. The same answer to the same question.

That is, until recently. Last week a friend posed that question. I’d like to say “that question again,” but that’s not entirely the case – yes, I have been asked that question several times, but, no, not from him, and not at that particular time (in life).

That time, I let the question seep into myself a bit more. “Yes, what have I learned?” I asked myself quietly and waited for the response. There it was. A different response crept up. A fresh response to a fresh question.
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Makan bersama Ibu


Setiap mendengar tawaran, “Mau makan di mana kita hari ini, Ma?” wajah Ibu saya selalu mendadak sumringah. Makan bersama sahabat dan keluarga merupakan momen-momen yang menghangatkan hati baginya.

Setiap minggu, minimal sekali, saya selalu menyempatkan diri untuk mengajaknya makan ke luar. Atau membawakan buah tangan setiap pulang dari pergi, walau cuma sekedar dari pergi meeting sekalipun. 

Setiap kali saya bersyukur atas kesempatan yang diberikan Tuhan untuk menikmati masa-masa berharga ini.

Pada saat yang sama, saya tahu bahwa saya belum benar-benar paham betapa berharganya waktu yang masih bisa saya nikmati bersama Ibu saya. 

Dan saya sadar betul bahwa segala waktu dan perhatian yang saya curahkan untuknya ini tidak akan pernah bisa mengimbangi apa yang telah Ibu saya berikan kepada saya dan kakak-kakak saya.

Responsibility — Response-ability

Anyone-can-Contributions-for-each-other-when-we-Are-Connected-Easy-BranchesHave you ever heard of “frequency holder”? It is a term coined by Eckhart Tolle to descibe an awake person or people who stay under the radar and live seemingly ordinary lives. An appealing way of living, I must say.

Some while ago I told a friend about it and said, “Perhaps that’s what I am destined to be. A frequency holder, staying under the radar, living a quiet life, and doing normal everyday chores.”

My friend sneared at the idea, “You wish. You are trained in communications. You can write. You have many friends. You’ve studied lots of stuff and traveled far. Go figure.”
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Begini aku kamu

Begini aku melihatmu

Malaikat yang telah lama mewujud dalam cakrawala kesadaranku. Semakin lama semakin terang bersinar, semakin berwarna, semakin solid, semakin lembut. Berlebihan, ujarmu? Mungkin. Namun tak kutemukan frase lain untuk menggambarkan dirimu.

Apa-adamu. Jaim-mu. Senyum tawamu. Harumu. Candamu. Seriusmu. Biasamu. Istimewamu. Riangmu. Laramu. Jarakmu. Dekatmu. Sapamu. Senyapmu. Gerakmu. Diammu. Adamu. Hilangmu. Lugasmu. Lembutmu. Seimbang sempurna.
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That split second of diverting: A Maleficent experience

maleficent-angelina-jolie-2014-wallpapers_948664419I was all set. Ready for the premier of Maleficent on a TV channel at the convenience of my own house. I even had a warm cup of tea with me.

As the film started, my eyes were glued to the set. Fascinating effects and colours of the make-believe world – the way Angelina Jolie’s character, maleficent herself, swooshed inches above the ground and the water then rose up above the cloud to feel the wind and the sunshine.
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