Will you be just as okay?

I have heard it before on one of Adyashanti’s talks a long time ago. A member of the audience spoke of her partner—how she loved him and how she was confident of his potentials. Adya’s question was simple: will you still love him ten years from now if he does not change? If he does not lift off to the so-called potentials? She went silent. That was enough of a response.

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P1020779 - Version 3A friend posed a question yesterday: “What would you like your legacy to be?” I have never really cared much about my legacy. Perhaps it is my relationship with the word. Legacy sounds a bit lofty to me.

Yesterday, however, felt different. My friend’s question made me pause and ponder. What would I like my legacy to be? What am I about? What would I want to bring to this table called life? What am I offering?

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What is it that you truly long for, at this moment?

That question paid me a visit earlier today—upon asking myself what question I had at that moment. I posted the very same question on social media. The response I had from friends were: coffee, quietude, their bed, their apartment, water (it was still a Ramadhan fasting period), relief of headache, their mom and dad, nature, mom’s cooking, and peaceful mind.

Despite being deceivingly mundane, I appreciate my friends’ responses as honest expressions of longing. Basic, simple, light, and immediate; nothing long term, heavy, or complex. There was a need for relief and relaxation; a deeper wish than one might care to admit.

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Sepiring tradisi

Di rumah kami, setiap tahun, lebaran, antara lain, berarti ketupat, opor ayam, sambal goreng ati ampela, telur pindang, dan kerupuk udang—semua buatan sendiri (kerupuk udang tinggal goreng).

Dulu sekali, Ibu yang memasak. Kemudian, ada seorang asisten rumah tangga yang berlebaran di Jakarta yang memasak. Setelah beliau pensiun, pernah mertua kakak saya yang memasakkan. Beberapa tahun terakhir, ipar saya memasak, dibantu kami semua.

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