According to my friends, and I hesitantly admit, that my favorite question is: why? For example, why do I make this blog?

Because I want to share. I want you to see what I see, to feel what I feel, and hopefully to do more than what I do.

I am sad to see so many unfortunate things happen in this world. I am sad to see so many people just walk on as if they do not care about what has happened around them. I am sad to see people complaining about unnecessary things despite of all the blessings that they have received. Am sad to see so many unused or misused potentials.

But I know that those people who just walk on actually care. They just do not know where to begin. They do not realize that they have more power to change.

And I think people who like to misuse things actually have a heart as well. I remember someone once said (that someone happens to be Muhammad) that a heart is like a mirror. We need to clean it continuously to make it shines. So that we can see the real beauty within us. So that it can reflect the love that shines so brightly to the rest – the rest of the people and the rest of the being.

So let us clean our heart. Bit by bit.

In my imagination, if only we walk together, if we unite all these heart and let each of us lend a hand, and if we can reflect the love within, it can be miraculously beautiful. My imagination. My dream.

I dedicate this blog
… to all the things that make us think – of how beautiful this world is, of how narrowminded people can be, and to all the things that make us question what we did to deserve this
… to all parties – government, NGO, everyday heroes – that have done amazing things – good and bad – that make us envious and that make us wonder why we did not think of that.
… to all of you who want to share your stories. Simply respond to whichever thread in this website or e-mail me. I can put your stories up. Or I might not. We shall see.

Bit by bit. Just by lending one hand. One minute of our time. Hope this helps.

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