Standing strong after the storm

I have just watched ESPY (the ESPN Award-giving event). There is one category that strikes me most: the best team award goes to the John Ehret High School Basketball team.

The school is located just outside New Orleans, Louisiana – the state that was hit by Katrina. Nevertheless, the coach did not want to give up. He gathered all the boys in the surrounding area to play in the team.

Their condition did not put them off. In fact, it just motivated them even more and strengthened them as a team. They surprised everybody by moving forward in the Louisiana state basketball competition and winning it.

The players crashed in their family or friends’ couch, ate from the donation, and practiced wherever they could. And they could. They could even win.

I felt like I am writing fiction, but this is reality. With motivation, effort and enthusiasm, dreams can really turn into reality.

My thoughts went to the condition in the various regions in Indonesia. I am sure there are people who have such sheer determination. I just haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them yet. I am sure there are. Hats off to you.

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