Daily Archives: August 9, 2006

Where should I start?

Just as I have suspected: I am puzzled of the kind of things I can write in this blog. There are so many things happening.

Every time I start reading newspaper, magazine or book, every time I listen to the radio or people conversing, and every time I watch TV, my mind is saying: hey, that is a good story. Too many, even though most are focusing on the problems and not solutions.

I feel like that certain Indonesian politician whom I said is talking too much about too many things. Now I know how he feels – what goes around comes around ☺

But then if I do not do that, I will never start, I will not do anything. Stuck. Hm, this reminds me of several other people as well – and me: thinking too much and never actually getting around to do it. Which is better?

So I thought, let’s just write. Whatever comes to mind. We never know, sometimes small things that we do, that we write, may make a difference however small it may be.

Like my friend said when I asked him where we should start, what we should do when there are so many wrongs, he answered: Just do what we can.

Bear with me. I will do my best. I will try harder – in writing for this blog, and for all other things that I cannot mention here one by one.