Daily Archives: August 17, 2006

Happy birthday, Indonesia

Happy birthday or happy independence day? Sorry the greeting comes one day late.

I want to quote the ad in the printed version of Kompas Dailies (in Indonesian), which I thought was great. From a long line of independence statement – from occupation (by other countries), lack of education, poverty, corruption, etc – Kompas has striked the word ‘occupation by other country’ (Occupation or occupancy? Unsure). We have gained our independence in that sense. One down, but still a lot to go – lack of education, poverty etc are still very much alive and kicking in our country.

I completely agree with the statement. I think you would too. Strangely, even though all agree, those problems still exist.

I think it is due to three things (1) We often think of ourselves and nobody else (2) We think in a too complicated way – how can we possibly provide education for all, we think and think but never do anything (3) We tend to belittle ourselves – who am I, what can I do, I am nobody. Oh and we often ‘let’ other people improve the situation while we do not do anything.

So, let us change our way of thinking (1) Start thinking of somebody else – your family, maid, janitor at the office, drivers, friends, etc (2) think simple (hah, tell that to myself) – do small things, what seems small to us might be meaningful to others (3) we matter. Stop thinking that we are nobody and start being somebody (Where does this insecurity come from anyway?). Try and see for yourself; and (4) if not us, then who would do it?

Where do we start? From whatever comes to our mind. Just do something. Whatever that may be.