Still on the path

Yesterday I did what I have not done for a long time. I sat alone with my books at a café. Reading my books. Watching people pass by. Doing nothing. Letting whatever popped in my mind popped. Being caught up between full time work, meeting friends, exercising and family made it more challenging for me to find the time and energy to do so.

And what popped was the times when I allowed myself more time to spend with myself, the times when I rigorously meditated and prayed, and the times when silence and emptiness were always welcomed and even seeked.

I missed those days. I wondered whether I have strayed away from my path. Then I texted my friend about this. I went out with another friend and discussed this as well.

The two occurrence yielded the same conclusion: that this actually is part of the journey. It is a journey that I – that we – have to undergo to become who we are, who we are destined to be, who we really are.

Perhaps this is the pragmatic phase for me, the time-for-action put-theory-into-practice do-something-for-community phase. Even the title of the blog has changed from pilgrim for life to chipping in. Even the ideas for the blog threads for me have shifted to practical matters.

Thank You for the answer. I feel better already.

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