Communal karma?

My sister has just returned from her hajj pilgrimage. She is fine, thanks for asking. She talks a lot about the journey. Very positively, despite of all the practical challenges she had to face. Good for her.

She also told us about how most of the Indonesian pilgrims were starving when they were in Arafah desert. Which reminds me. They say that you will receive your karma more directly when you are on hajj pilgrimage. So for instance, if you are arrogant enough to say that you will not get lost, you will be lost. If you complain that your food tastes awful, then for the whole journey your food will always taste awful.

Now in this case, the whole Indonesian hajj group are starving. I know on one hand the organizer was responsible for it and should take up the responsibility for it. But I wonder. Can this be one of those karmas as well? Instead of to individuals, this time it applies to the whole nation.

The whole group was starving. And back home, the whole village were swept away by landslide, the whole aircraft vanished without a trace. The whole hill was burnt by a forst fire. The whole ship sanked. The whole region was filled by hot mud. The whole seaside area was blown away by hurricane.

Communal Karma. They say it is the next step. When individuals do not listen to the call of nature, the nature will call harder. To the whole community. Until we listen. Until we have no choice but to listen. Sooner or later.

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