High school reunion, high school reunited

My sister has just returned from her high school reunion. They also invited the teachers. 200+ students attended, 34 teachers came.

They sent a chartered upper-class taxi to pick up each and individual teacher. They provided donation to the teachers (you know how poor the welfare of school teacher is in Indonesia). They greeted the teacher as if they were heroes. They are.

Students and teachers blended in. They ate, laughed, sang, dance and talked about old times. I cannot imagine how happy that time must have been – especially for the teachers – the often forgotten heroes of our lives.

My sister’s Class of 82 is truly amazing. They gathered together every two months – for a quran study, a bible study, a social gathering, do some sports or even go out of town together.

They collect money – 40% to fund their activities and the other 60% for social cause. The social cause is either to provide scholarship for some of the current students in their high school or to provide scholarship for the children of their class mates who are not so fortunate financially. Some also volunteered to teach in the high school.

If only each of our small community gather together and do what we can to help those who are linked to our community, those in our immediate surrounding. It does not really take much.

I am just talking here. They are already doing. I am nothing compared to them. Hats off.

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