Belated happy birthday, mom

I cannot believe I have forgotten to write this.

During the last muslim’s festive season, my family did our traditional sungkeman – where we kneel down before our elders and ask for forgiveness and blessings. During my sungkem to my mom, my mom whispered and thank me for my kindness.

Thank me for my kindness? Honestly mom. If only you realize the magnitude of love and kindness you have poured to me throughout my life. Obviously she does not realize that. Typical mom. Love her.

Belated happy birthday, mom. Thank YOU for your, um, everything.

Pic: me, sis and mom. Straight from the bed. Sis and mom – the two mother figures in my life. I could not ask for a better role model. I wish I can be half as good as they are.

PS: Happy birthday to you too, Ndien. We did not nickname her princess (TP-Tuan Putri) for nothing.

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