The longest journey

The longest journey, is the one from your head to your heart.

Beautiful, is it not? I heard this in one of those Discovery documentaries and I promised myself to put it in the blog.

The journey to shift ourselves from depending too much on our logic to your feeling. The journey to learn how to walk the path of life using our intuition and conscience. The journey to learn how to use not only our physical eyes, but also the eyes of the soul.

And I agree, it is a long journey indeed. I mean, how many of us are brave enough to trust our instinct and live life without thinking too much? Will we ever dare? When was it exactly when we start losing our courage to dream and to be spontaneous, because of all the ‘pragmatic’ and ‘realistic’ thoughts we have?

We say we have grown up. Perhaps we are going in the wrong direction. It’s that way, not this.

The next time we see a child cry, let’s not think of how he/she has distracted us, feel the sadness and the need for love. The next time we see the rain falls, let’s not think of our way home, feel, enjoy. The next time we sip our morning coffee, let’s not think about our day schedule, feel the warmth of the coffee.

Start walking that longest journey. Perhaps we would then realize, it is not as far as we initially thought it would be.

4 thoughts on “The longest journey

  1. Kaldu Ayam

    You have interesting blog here. Let me share my opinion about this matter.

    To be able to live bravely based on our instinct or intuition alone you have to be one hundred percent sure that your act won’t harm anyone. Sometimes it is easy to be sure that we are doing something good but sometimes it is not. I am sure that you agree that bravery is nothing without responsibility. Maybe we can stand our suffers but what about other people suffering that are caused by our instictual actions? Can we stand it?

    You already have a guidance book in your hand. It is the book that help people in differing the right and the wrong. But to make this as skill that is part of your life you have to believe the guidance one hundred percent. Read the guidance often, live with it, and you will have God eye with you.

    God bless you on your journey.


  2. Eva.M

    Thank you, Kaldu Ayam, for your visit and precious comment.

    You are right. To walk the earth using our intuition requires bravery. And wisdom.

    This can only be done by those with clean heart. I will follow your advice as best as I can: to read the guidance often and live with it.

    Though I believe that to each, the true personal guidebook is the one within. This is the one that we need to seek and find.

    God bless.



    I kinda miss this kind of feeling for some time. It was a time I made relationship with someone I really admire. I let myself be controlled with what he likes and doesn’t like. This is because he is my first love. And yes! it’s true “too much love will kill you”. Though he never forced me to have the same behavior, toughts, ideas as his, I just willingly put aside all the things I like just to be like him. Oh how fool I was at the time. This makes me felt unhappy. There’s something missing. I previously was the woman who like enjoying simple things happened around me, such as reading a book alone, walking under the drizzle rain, having sips of coffee, watching silly movie shows: Empat Mata, enjoying the saturday night, doing nothing or just seeing cars pass by, enjoying the lights come from car lamp, talking and acting some silly things which always makes me happy and entertained.
    As for him, he is the man who is very efficient. So he won’t linger time. Every thing must be done in purpose. Sometimes it’s good. But sometimes we need to relax a bit. Then I decided to get back to the old me. I enjoy everything I like. Just enjoy it without thinking of negative things that potentially hinder to happily enjoy it. I told to him, if he can’t enjoy those simply perfect moment with me, it’s okay. Let me have it for my self. Luckily, he fully understood that. Now, we both agree if sometimes each of us need to be alone, only for enjoying our “me time”.
    This compromise is one of the best thing resulted in our relationship. Btw, he is now my husband :).
    Thanks for sharing this, Eva



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