Jerry Aurum’s Femalography

Jerry Aurum is holding a solo photography exhibition curiously titled “Femalography”. The exhibition has been postponed to 28 February 2007 for 10 days in Senayan City, Jakarta. His book with the same title is also available in Kinokuniya (Jakarta and Singapore).

A brilliant young talented Indonesian photographer, which happens to be a friend of mine.

I don’t give praises often you see. But drop by the exhibition or peek through his book if you can. Then you might agree with me that he is “A brilliant young talented Indonesian photographer”.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: You see that question mark above? I actually put one of his photos there. But it turned into a question mark. Then I realized, it was censored. Which means that somebody might have reported it to blogger and asked it to be blocked. Oh well, all the more reasons for you to visit his exhibition.

He he, silly me. I forgot how different we are in seeing things. I supposed I have to respect that. Thanks for the reminder. Of how far we still need to travel.

Or will you censor even this one as well?

4 thoughts on “Jerry Aurum’s Femalography

  1. juwi

    Beruntunglah gue sempet liat fotonya sebelum diblok :-). Menggugah. Mungkin itu ungkapan yang tepat yang menggambarkan apa yang terlintas pada saat pertama gue liat foto itu. Idenya itu, lho.
    BTW, Aurum? he made of gold?


  2. Eva.M

    Serius donk. Pernah waktu itu gua coba click gambarnya dan ada warning bahwa gambar dihapus karena punya explicit content.

    Tapi ndak apa. Lucu aja.



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