Forced move

Am I using the correct term? How do you say when somebody was forced to move out of his/her own home or had their posession taken away from them?

I was watching a film in TV5Monde Asie. The character of the film worked as an officer whose task was to forcefully take away people’s possesions. Probably people who cannot pay their mortgage and thus the collateral was taken away from them. In the film, that ‘people’ was a middle age lady who looked decent, like she had nothing to hide, or rather, who look like she had nothing, period.

The lady gave in. She packed her stuff and gave it away to the officers. It was sad. I was sad.

And I pray to God that I would never be in any of those people’s position–neither the lady nor the officer. To forcefully take away possessions of people who practically has very little with them left–even in the name of law, even if I have the legal power to do so. God forbid.

What would you do if you were the officer?

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