Pak Mus

A dear friend has just passed away. Bapak Mustafa Alatas. We worked together for a little over a month in Banda Aceh a couple of years ago. He was also the father of another dear friend.

He was such a kind man. He never raised his voice even in the most stressful situation. He always thought of everybody else in the team. There was not a single arrogant thread in his soul. He was a good teacher.

Several days ago, on one sunny day, Pak Mus went to a friend’s funeral in Bogor. He felt exhausted. He took a rest at a relative’s house in Bogor. There he felt a chest pain, then he passed away.

I went to his house that night. I met his wife. His wife greeted me with a smile. She thanked me for coming and asked me to forgive Pak Mus’s mistakes.

She went on telling some people there what had happened. She was so strong. She accepted and went on living. I seldom have seen people or family this strong. And kind.

I supposed, he is still a good teacher even after he has passed away.

So long, Pak. It was an honor to have you as a friend. I might catch up with you some day.

Pic: Aceh sky.

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