So me

I went home quite late. Would I make it to my yoga class, I thought. D*mned, the traffic was extra bad. Not helping.

I said to myself, “If I can get home by 7.45, I will go to the class.”

The clock ticked, and ticked. The car was going somewhere alright, but very slowly. “Right, 7.50 is still ok.”

Tick, tick, tick. Oh what the heck, I thought. Whatever the time would be, I would still go to the class.

Yeah yeah, I know. I can here my friend saying, “That is so you.”

I got home by 7.55p. Rushed to change my clothes and went straight to the gym. Only to find out that my yoga teacher was not coming. Sigh. What a joke. The whole day has been.

There was a replacement teacher. Suddenly my mood for yoga was gone. “Perhaps I should just do treadmill. Or grab a cup of coffee somewhere. Cup of hot coffee. Yeah, that is what I would do.”

Then another yoga teacher passed by and asked, “Why aren’t you at the class?”. I straightforwardly had another change of mind, change of mood, “Yes, I am about to go”.

There you go. Talk about a quick change(s) of heart. Yes, I hear that again, “That is so you.”

The yoga class turned out to be longer than usual. We had the nicest relaxation session. A nice way to end a very ‘funny’ day.

Belated happy April fool’s day.

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