Revealing: me

I had a short conversation today with a friend. She shared her hesitation to link her personal blog to her office blog. It was too personal, she said.

I saw her blog. I can perfectly understand how personal it is to her. In fact, I can say it is so beautifully personal. From a mother to a child. I can feel the emotion. The abundance of love.

I too hesitated to enter the blogsphere once. I too used the same reason, or in my case, excuse. My feeling was just too personal.

But in my case, there was more to it than just being personal. It was more about my lack of ability to share my feeling, my inner thoughts. It was about my ego, or the illusion of ego which I have crafted for so long to show the tough me.

Writing a blog as personal as mine was like revealing the inner me to the world. This put me in a fragile situation.

Then there was the fact that I might hurt someone. I know myself: I am not the most diplomatic person in the world. And I did not want (more) conflict in my life.

At the end, I decided to go for it. I use the blog to share my thoughts. As a training ground for my writing skills. More importantly, use it as a training ground to speak my mind without hurting somebody, trying to see anything from a different perspective, from a more positive point of view.

Most importantly though, use it as a training ground to reveal myself. Revealing: me.

And I want to say this to that friend of mine who hesitated to share her blog: what you are sharing is beatiful. I rarely read a blog and felt such strong feeling (of love). Please don’t stop. And certainly don’t hesitate.

2 thoughts on “Revealing: me

  1. Mom

    Thanks for the encouragement Va. I guess all moms have this “abundance of love” for their kids. They just have different ways of expressing it. For me expressing it in the blog is one of the ways.


  2. Eva.M

    You’re very welcome, mom.

    I guess deep down all kids acknowledge the blessing of unconditional love they receive from their mother.

    The luckier ones receive even some more from mothers like you, and my own.

    And if he never says this explicitely, let me say this on his behalf: he loves you very much as well. And very grateful.



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