Discussion: Muhammad as a role model

[Bahasa Indonesia]

I (finally) have decided to share the notes I make during my religious study sessions in the blog. I made this particular one last week on making Muhammad as a role model, in conjuction with the celebration of the birth of Muhammad. The session was led by Achmad Chodjim.

Anyone who longs for a meeting with God until the end of time, who always remember God, can make Muhammad as his/her role model. (QS 33:21).

QS 7:157 stated that Muhammad is always accompanied by “the light”, or more specifically, the spiritual light. Although he is no longer with us physically, the light still exists. This light is what we should seek.

Muhammad Al Ghazali divides role modeling into three categories. Some mimic Muhammad’s physical appearance or literally without understanding the context and history behind it. Some learns from those who have already understood. And some learn through his/her own searching and contemplation.

During the session, Achmad Chodjim focused on the third. We look and learn from Muhammad’s efforts in seach for the light. Then things will unfold by itself.

The more we receive the light, the more we will be guided, the more we will be civilised, and the ego will be underplayed. We will no longer depend on what other people are saying. All we need to do is to contemplate.

We will not be easily provoked, and will not use the religion for our own selfish purpose. Much easier said than done, I know.

Complete version (In Indonesian only unfortunately) can be downloaded here.

Please accept what can be accepted and appreciate the differences among us. To each his or her own needs and stage of growth.

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