Who are our idols?

[Bahasa Indonesia]

I was listening to Trijaya Radio, Thursday afternoon. The talkshow with Arfan whoever (forgot the last name, could not find his name either in Trijaya website). He was talking about being oneself.

One interesting question from him was: who are your idols? Name three people that you look up to. And Why. Answer to those questions reveal our own important values. Interesting.

So I start to do that exercise for myself. Three people. I can only think of the people who are close to me.

My late father Long term vision. Humble. SImple. Straight to the point. No bull sh*t. Freedom that he gives to his children to grow.

My mom. (terribly) humble. Unlimited patience. Surrender to God. Willingness to be in the shadow of her husband and children (while giving tremendous continuous support).

My aunt. Cheerful and positive in all conditions. Great story teller, full of enthusiasm and expressiveness.

One extra? My sis. Strong as a rock. And the way she rear her children. Simply amazing.

I also respect several public figures. Bill Clinton for his charisma and communication techniques. Mother Theresa for her unconditional sacrifice. Johny Depp for his courage and success in choosing his films and his decision to life away from the glamourous Hollywood (and he’s just simply drop dead gorgeous).

My brain kept on rolling. Gus Dur for his brilliance and dark humor. Arwin Rasyid for his strong and humble leadership. Janet Jackson for her six pack (hm, is this respect or envy?). The list obviously is getting too long.

Now, what does being oneself mean? Who is the real me? How do I know? Who am I now? Is what I am now the real me? What’s the benefits of being myself? What’s the down side? How do I do that?

Ah, so many questions going on in my head. As always. Me being me.

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