Note: Mi’raj— 2nd and 3rd stage (By A. Chodjim)

[Bahasa Indonesia]

After discussing the Adam stage, which reflects our effort to dettach ourselves from the world, we are on the second stage.

During the mi’raj, on the second sky, Muhammad met Isa and Yahya. Yahya means life, while Isa is able to bring the dead back to life.

On the second stage, we learn how to—try to—put meaning to our life, and even give life to other people.

Several things that we can learn at this stage:
* Complete surrender to God.
* Not taking side, except to the Truth.
* Ability to face challenges.
* All are His.
* Free from material attachment.

Only by doing this we can start giving life to others. And only by going through this, we can enter the third stage: Yusuf; where we can see the beauty beyond the beauty.

There are seven things which reflect Yusuf (or Joseph)’s wisdom:
* See beauty beyond the beauty.
* Better to be in jail than to humiliate others.
* Choose to save a lot of people than just himself.
* Forgive and not hold grudges.
* Accept only tasks in which he is really capable of.
* Always talk kindly.
* Conduct religion in its purest way.

All these are processes. But we need to start. From ourselves. If not us, then who?

Only people who understand the meaning of life and give life to others (pass the Yahya and Isa stage) can see the beauty beyond the beauty (Yusuf stage); and only people who have passed the material life (Adam stage) that can give life to others.

Complete note of this discussion (In Indonesian) can be downloaded from here.

Accept what can be accepted. Appreciate the difference among us. Each with her/his own’s needs and stage of growth.

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