Never ever "I don’t know"

[Bahasa Indonesia]

I read this more than ten years ago in the Scottish’s Daily Mail zodiac column. But the words stick in my mind even until now. It went something like this:

“For you the hardest word to say is not “sorry”. It is “I don’t know”.

Not sure whether to laugh or to be offended by it. Hits right between the eyes. The oh-so-familiar statements of “Sure, I know”, “Oh I know somebody who knows”, or “I am not sure, but let me find out”.

Things I do to make my life more complicated.

2 thoughts on “Never ever "I don’t know"

  1. Mom

    Yeah, those words are so you. But that shows that you are a caring person, always want to help out. So, don’t ever change (though it may make your life a bit more complicated hahaha…)


  2. Eva.M

    He he. And as a true big city girl, I would say, “yeah of course. Vested interest!”

    Thanks, mom. Appreciate the comment and your visit as always.



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