A yoga weekend retreat at Losari

I went to Losari Coffee Plantation last weekend for a Yoga Weekend retreat arranged by Yogya-based Balance Yoga.

Wow. That was the first word that came out of my mouth when I first got there. Followed by a long sigh. Second word: HUNGRY. It was about 3pm and I had not had my lunch. And you know how I feel (and behave) during late lunch.

But then things just got better. This neat resort surrounded by eight volcanoes is just a perfect weekend getaway. In three phrases: great view, great activities, great friends.

Great view – imagine this: hectares and hectares of green spaces made of gardens and coffee plantation, ethnic village-type houses, blue clear swimming pool, with a view of eight volcanoes. All well maintained yet not over the top manicured. Enough said.

Great activities – The yoga sessions were great. But I have to admit the MASSAGE is better ☺. Chat with friends were great. The best thing to do, sometimes though, is NOTHING. Just sit there, breathe. Let nature exhibit its best entertainment.

Great friends – that open up, that just let me be how I want to be, that listen, talk and laugh together, and that share the same dream: how about making a spiritual healing center that embrace everybody and anybody (or in Anne Marie’s term: a spiritual supermarket).

I will hand over the floor to the pictures to describe the experience better.

Again. Wow. Followed by a long sigh.

2 thoughts on “A yoga weekend retreat at Losari

  1. terbanglah lebih tinggi

    I always want to go to Losari.. Could you please share us here its related contact and/or infos (eg price, hot to get there, etc). Gracias..



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