[Bahasa Indonesia]

I have this belief (or superstition) that if something happens or is spoken to me twice, especially when one occurrence happens right after the other, then it is a message to me, it is something I need to think of.

This week, it was the topic of pure silence. The inner silence.

On Thursday night, I was listening to a radio talk show that happened to discuss this inner silence. Then there was another conversation with my friends last night which brought up more or less the same topic.

Anyone who read my blog or know me would know that I am into spirituality, whatever the word may mean to you. So the topic of silence is nothing new, theoriticaly speaking. Practically speaking, my life has been, and is still, full of hustle and bustle.

I sent a question through the sms to the radio station. It came late in the hour, so they just rushed through reading it. The only respond that I had from the speaker was “that’s technical.”.

It was a perfect response. Probably I have been too hung up with technicallities, when I should have just let me be. In complete silence.

Then off I went to search the word “silence” in google and wikipedia. Looks like I have a long way to go.

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