Daily Archives: June 22, 2007

Another day at the office

[Bahasa Indonesia]

It was not my best day yesterday at the office. Too many people missing too many deadlines. And some who did meet the deadline, submitted less than ideal quality of work.

There was even one point when I got a bit speechless. (me? speechless?). Instead of asking my favorite series of “why” questions, the only statement that came out of my mouth was “Oh for God’s sake.” Me stop asking questions, I supposed that is when you (and I) need to start worrying.

Time for a coffee break.

post script: The best moment yesterday was as I was leaving the office, that entertaining receptionist of mine was making her usual (or unusual) gesture of saying goodbye with her usual wide (a bit on a naughty side) smile. She probably did not realize how that has ended my day at the office on a high note.

The bestest moment however was when I went to my sis’s new house last night after work and hanged around with my family. The most loving and lovable weird bunch of people. And always with good food.