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[Bahasa Indonesia]
I felt so tired today at the office. I thought I was going to be ill. All I wanted was to go home and meet my family. Then I went home. The drive home was slow. Yet I felt better, bit by bit.

I got home. And somehow, relieved. Like a huge weight has been llifted up from my shoulder. I chatted with my family. We laughed. We had dinner.

It is good to be home. Good to have a place we can call home. Thank You.

Worth it

[Bahasa Indonesia]
A friend of friend was working his b*tt off. He stayed at the office until late night after night. One day he sms-ed his manager, “I am so tired”. He SMS-ed twice. He went home. Late. Again.

The next thing they heard about him was that he had passed away. Makes you wonder doesn’t it? Is it all really worth it? Let’s see..

Should he help?

[Bahasa Indonesia]
My friends (let’s say a male, “he”) is quite well off. An advantage that leads to dilema. An advantage that are often misused, abused, by other people.

People then think of him as a source of unending wealth. There are always ‘friends’, family, relatives who come to him to borrow or ask for money. With various reasons/excuses. Illness. School tuition for the children. Pay the rent. Payment for other debts (with interests). Opening a business.

When this happens, my friend is always confused, should he help? Not that he is a scrooge, he is just uncertain. How does he know that that person is honest and not playing around with him? What’s with the excuses? Especially when it is not the first time that that person comes to him.

I understand the confusion. I too am unsure. Should he help?

Keep the dreams alive, folks

[Bahasa Indonesia]
I always love to hear my friends’ dreams. I do believe that everything starts from a dream. But we cannot stop there. Let’s turn them into objectives, targets and think of ways to achieve them.

That is why every time a person told me about his/her dream, I tend to say, “That’s great. Make it real.” Sometimes I think I have more faith in them than themselves.

Life often make us afraid to dream. We choose to make “pragmatic” decisions, with all the “logical” reasons. We end up with status quo, although not without eruptions of complains here and there. Useless.

Then my brain starts to think of ways to help turn the dreams into reality. By giving ideas, or finding people who might be able to help.

A friend wants to open a coffee shop. Let’s do it. Establish a spiritual healing center out of town. Ok. Similar center in the city. Sure. Initiate a movement that reminds us of forgotten social values. That sounds great.

Have a tuition-free school. With pleasure. Establish a company that helps other companies improve their social activities. Cool. Become a writer. Why not? (Yes, I am talking about you). One friend even wants to be a governor. That too, the country needs a person like him.

One is only limited by his/her dreams. So keep the dreams alive.

Start doing something. Anything.


I was attending a friend’s farewell party at a hotel. I was early, so I sat in the hotel lounge. Next to me was a group of people, cosmopolitan socialités. I could not help hearing their conversation.

They were talking about setting up a party. A real party from the sound of it. The rave music they want to use. The glitzy lighting. The avant garde decoration. The drinks. The food, or should I say hors d’oeuvres.

Wow. I did not realize how distant I am now to that life now. I could not remember the last time I attended that kind of party.

It is not that it is good or bad. It is just what it is. I have just realized how different my life is now. Moving on.

Safe haven

[Bahasa Indonesia]

Do you have a place where you can freely cry and pour your heart out without anybody making judgement about you? I do. Or at least I used to have one. The catholic churches.

If you see my ID card, I am not catholic. Yet I find this place welcoming. I used to come there often. At one time, everyday. Perhaps historically speaking, churches are safe havens. It is my safe haven. It used to be.

But here, now, where the religion is not exactly the majority’s, where you feel like you know everybody (and they all know you), and where you know that people are sensitive with inter-religion practices, suddenly safe haven is not so safe anymore.

I miss that.