Daily Archives: July 5, 2007

Passing the torch: Rockin’ girl blogger award

[Bahasa Indonesia]
Thanks, Han, for passing the torch of the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award. Five females, in no particular order.

My first choice, is you ☺. Hanny with her berada di sini. I used to own a book titled “Write from the heart”. What I only read, Hanny has already done: writing from the bottom of her heart.

Second, same with Hanny’s, Mbak Lita with her precious moments. The blog is a mother’s dedication to her child. I seldom come across a blog that can make me shed a tear. I guess a mother’s love is really like no other. Precious.

Third, another Han(n)y. Suryatmaning Hany with her matahari dan bintang. All is fun and interesting. Life is easy and leisurely. Even fried banana sold by the small shop next door sounds so good if Hany says so. Nothing important yet so intriguing. Crazy girl.

Fourth, might not be accessible to all because it is in friendster. Anne’s Tequila shot for the soul. Can you guess what it is all about? Cool name. Cool pics. Cool girl.

Fifth (starting to do a little bit of thinking here), I would go for Dee. But not her serious blog. Dee as a contemplative figure needs no introduction. But Dee with her unessential thoughts, that is more interesting. Still a new blog but such a great idea. It shows you how many little jokes in life that you just pass by without even noticing, or enjoying, or giggling about. What a waste of entertaining opportunity.

Pass on the torch, girls. Keep blogging.