Dream on

[Bahasa Indonesia]
Still from the interview with Yos Luhukay. A person is only limited by her dreams. How brave are we to dream? Perhaps the majority of us are being pragmatic, realistic. Trapped in our current condition.

Don’t be. Let’s start from the end. Try to imagine, have a vision, of what we want to achieve in certain stages of our lives, in terms of career, personal, family and spirituality. After that, back track to what we should do to achive it. What we should do now.

Does what we are doing right now support our vision? Decide on how long we should stay in our current place, what the end target in this place is.

These words have made me think. I can imagine what I want to be. I am questioning whether I have done enough to achieve it. Perhaps not.

I became sad. But sad is not what I should be. I should try. I should do my best. I should be what I want to become.

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