In memoriam: Bu Zul

[Bahasa Indonesia]
Last week my mom lost a close friend, Bu Zul. The last time I met Bu Zul was about a couple of weeks ago. My family (about 12 of us) had just had a family breakfast in a restaurant. Mom insisted we visited Ibu Zul, bringing her some pancakes from the restaurant.

Bu Zul was lying on her bed. She looked weaker than usual. I was a bit stunned. She looked.. Anyway, each of us kissed her by her cheeks. And to each, she gave us her prayers, different from one to another.

Still, the news came as a surprise somehow. The night before she still called some of her friends. At midnight, her sister called all her children to come to the house.

She had a fall out recently with one of her daughters, but they had reconciled. To her, she asked her forgiveness. The daughter said, “no mom, it was my mistake. I am the one who should apologize.”

Bu Zul asked her to recite a prayer. The daughter did and Bu Zul said amen to every phrase. Then Bu Zul recited her own prayer, in Javanese, and that was it. She passed a way. What a beautiful way to go.

May God grant her with peace and His light for the rest of her journey. Thank you for being such a good and loyal family friend.

[Pic: jasmine, her favourite flower. Taken from here.]

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