Note: Quraish Shihab – things that He likes

[Bahasa Indonesia]
We like to do things that we like, and not what He likes. We like to do our fasting, night prayers, but we keep hating, not giving to our people, and we keep lying. We like to make ourselves pretty yet we seldom clean up ourselves.

A hadits kudtsi said that (God says that): if a person trying to get close to me by doing what I like, I will like him back eventually. And when I like him, My sight becomes his, My hearing becomes his, My arms become what he use to reach out with, and My legs become what he use to walk with.

Thus, it is important to know what He likes. According to the Quran, two of his most favorite people are those who are:
– Just. The kind of justice that can make everybody happy.
– Kind, even to those who have done him wrong.

Complete note of this discussion (In Indonesian) can be downloaded from here.

Accept what can be accepted. Appreciate the difference among us. Each with her/his own’s needs and stage of growth.

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