"When I am rich, I will do more social activities"

[Bahasa Indonesia]
I have heard this many times. Too many. The problem is people seldom feel that they are rich enough, never enough. We are always too busy with ‘other priorities’ so they end up never doing any deeds for other people.

Back to the “being rich” issue. I think we all know that helping is not equal to money and, hence, no need to wait for us to be rich. I have just discussed this with another friend this afternoon. And I told her a story..

I have a friend named Prita. She likes to distribute meal for the homeless. Shec cooks it herself. It is more cost effective, and itjust makes it ‘a total effort’ for her.

One day her neighbor came to her. The neighbor is by no means rich. She (the neighbor) said, “I don’t have much money, so I cannot chip in any money to this effort.”

She added, sincerely, “But can I help cook and distribute the meal?”

It really does not need money. We can give our time and a hand. Or thoughts. Or intension. Or even a smile.

.start doing something. anything.

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