Daily Archives: July 12, 2007

Taufik Savalas II

[Bahasa Indonesia]
Still continuing on the same topic. From another angle. When I arrived home, I turned on the TV. My mother said that a lot of people attended Taufik’s funeral. Praise the Lord. Such a huge amount of attention put on the passing of one Taufik Savalas.

As the TV show was over, I flicked to another TV channel, Metro TV. Headline News. A ship accident somewhere in the Eastern Indonesia. 120 passengers. They have found 30 so far, two died.

120 people went missing and most probably would not survive the accident. I wonder how much attention people would put on these 120 missing people. Or the 30 million people living below the poverty line in Indonesia.

Taufik Savalas I

[Bahasa Indonesia]
This morning people were taken back by the news that comedian Taufik Savalas has died from an accident. The guy was known for his sense of humor, kindness and humbleness. All comes from God and will eventually return to Him.

I was touched by all the impressions Taufik made among his friends – as his friends were interviewed by the TV channels. The sympathy that he had received was overwhelming and was obvious, judging by the TV and radio news coverage.

“He is not a big guy, but he is kind,” said Ulfa, one of his best friends. Patience and pleasing for everybody.

Pleasing for everybody. That was the topic of today’s radio talkshow. Looks like that is the message of the day for me.

The death of someone, anyone, always makes us think of our own death. What kind of impression will you leave behind among friends and family when you die?