Taufik Savalas II

[Bahasa Indonesia]
Still continuing on the same topic. From another angle. When I arrived home, I turned on the TV. My mother said that a lot of people attended Taufik’s funeral. Praise the Lord. Such a huge amount of attention put on the passing of one Taufik Savalas.

As the TV show was over, I flicked to another TV channel, Metro TV. Headline News. A ship accident somewhere in the Eastern Indonesia. 120 passengers. They have found 30 so far, two died.

120 people went missing and most probably would not survive the accident. I wonder how much attention people would put on these 120 missing people. Or the 30 million people living below the poverty line in Indonesia.

1 thought on “Taufik Savalas II

  1. mukuge

    120 missing versus one dead celeb: such is the extent of society’s interests in all things absurd and unattainable… :s we try to obtain a ‘souvenir’ of fame by participating in the observance of TS’s death. I’m not picking any celeb in particular; it’s just a tendency we have, regardless of where we live or how we were raised up.



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