Iyegar yoga retreat

[Bahasa Indonesia]
Somehow all interesting stuff in life starts with “coincidences”. I was not planning to join this yoga retreat with Ann Barros in Ubud Bali.

But ‘coincidently’, my friend kept asking me whether I wanted to come. ‘Coincidently’, I was joining another yoga retreat that made me change my mind, and ‘coincidently’ my workload has got me thinking “perhaps a little break would be nice..”

And I do not have a single regret. This is my first encounter with Iyegar yoga, whose emphasis is on precision and alignment in all postures.

And Ann, which has been teaching for about thirty years, really knows what the students can and cannot do. “Respect our limitations”, “Work with your limitations.”

There was no TV and no phone (although I have one deadline for one article writing, quite alright). There was only nature and good friends.

But the best entertainment always come from the silence of nature. When we sit still and breath the environment, free from pollution—air pollution as well as noise. Ubud is indeed magical, somehow.

At the end of every class, we greeted each other with “Namaste”, which means “I honor the Divine in you of Love, of Light, of Truth. I honor that place in you and that place in me where we are One”

Perhaps this is my way. I am comfortable with yoga, as training ground to achieve the inner stillness and samadhi, or simply making me physically fit and more flexible. Whether we realize it or not. Whether we intend to or not.

Note: Pictures to be uploaded later. Hopefully.

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