The great teachers of life

[Bahasa Indonesia]
One of the biggest obvious blessings in my life (apart from my family) is the things that I have learned just by watching people around me.

People who make their way by using their own two hands. They did not come from a wealthy family yet look at where they are now financially speaking. The survivors.

People who are so content about their live, so grateful. People with so much compassion and peace within. People with such a humble heart and endless passion to help others.

People with such great ignorance and greed. People who complain about everything. People who run endlessly like a dog chasing its own tail.

People who have gone through some really tough times in their live and thrive. Who have been through hell and back and live to tell about it. People who have gone through tough times but barely surviving. And those who do not survive at all—whether they are aware or not.

A great blessing because I need not go through what they have gone through. Because if I do, I am unsure whether I will be as strong as they are.

All the great teachers in my life. All I have to do is watch. And learn.

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