Message of the week: pray

[Bahasa Indonesia]
The message sometimes seem to get subtler by the day.

This week has been one busy week for me. A couple of days ago, a passer-by in my old blog left a comment. Somehow she (I presume, a she) advised me to pray, because prayer has such great power.

Yesterday I realized that my driver’s license was not where it usually was. I kept thinking about it but could not bring myself to remember what I did with it.

You see, I have a habit to not bring a bag and put my ID card in the bag of whoever was with me at that moment.

This morning, as I was leaving the house, I asked You-Know-Who to let me remember. Suddenly my mind wondered to my sister.

I tried to remember when the last time I went out with her and I did not bring my bag with me. Owh, that one evening in our home town. Now, where exactly did I put the ID card? Hm, the camera pouch.

It just so happened that I have that very pouch in my bag. I took it out of the bag and looked inside. There it was. My driver’s license.

I felt like He was saying, “…all you have to do is ask…”

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