(Traffic) Jammin’

[Bahasa Indonesia]

Today the street is really ‘jammin’. My usual commuting time of 3/4 hour has turned into 3 to 4 hours.

My thought goes to Sutiyoso and his plan to build a bus way on this very street that I was stuck in, turning the two-lane street (one way) into one-lane. That would be the day.

But traffic jam is always a good training ground for me. It makes me aware of the fluctuation of my (im)patience. And tonight was no mean an exception.

I can hear people honking impatiently. All looking very tired. Eager to get home yet having no clue how to get there (sooner).

I saw a young couple with a young child riding a motorcycle sharing one raincoat. And I think of those who do not even have proper cover from the rain.

I saw another child at the gas station playing happily with his mom, probably glad to have the five minute break after the long ride.

I saw the fried rice street vendor getting more customers than he usually does.

And I saw my house. Feeling happier to see it than I usually do.

It was also one of those on-the-road moments when I thought, hm, bathroom would be good.

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