Note: On fasting (by Bapak Memed)

[Bahasa Indonesia]
This note discussed about the foundation of fasting, which is QS Al Baqarah (2):183-188, and the its objectives. There are three objectives in fasting:

First: takwa – to increase the quality of the person, to become a person of real faith, those who maintain himself (from wrongdoings), who seek to be closer to God, who fear God (acknowledge God as the higher power) and who feel like he is being watched by God.

Second: syakirin – to be thankful. To realize what we have all these times, to accept, to take care and to utilize them well.

Third: rasyidin – to live a clean life, the correct way of living.

These verses, especially the one that talk about alms giving, are also emphasizing the social value of fasting. So that we do not forget those who are less fortunate that we are.

So that we will not create a weak future generation, physically and mentally – there should be improvements in nutrition and education. If not us, who else?

At the end of our fasting, the real test is to evaluate our lifestyle after Ramadhan, the way we talk, the way we act and how we use our wealth.

Have a great fast. I apologize for all my mistakes. I sincerely hope that we can improve ourselves to the “takwa” level, and not just feel the hunger and thirst.

Complete note (in Indonesian language) can be downloaded here.

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