Note: The pearls of living in peace (By Arif Rachman)

[Bahasa Indonesia]
The note was made during Pak Arif’s speech in the comemoration of my sis’s mother-in-law’s passing.

Pak Arif opened his speech by stating the usual “Assalamu alaikum wr wb. Shawalat and salam..“ and followed by saying “prayers and peace be upon all of us, especially to the host of this event and to our teachers.”

A verse in Al Qur’an urged us to fast so that we can become the person of faith (takwa). Takwa should be the end, the destination of our journey.

That is why we are given clues, a key to heaven named Al Qur’an, whose first verse contains an order for all of us to read (iqra). Not just plain reading, read to understand, to do, to make it part of our personality and a tool for all of us to live in harmony.

This state of harmony is something that we should work on. There are five pearls to living in peace, in harmony:
1. Remember Allah, in every second of our lives.
2. Conduct everything without expecting anything in return, ikhlas. Pak Arif said that if we want to learn the word “ikhlas”, the best teacher is our mother.
3. Shalat. Pray. In shalat, we are reminded of our mission in life, in the prayer “indeed, my shalat, my life, my death is only for God.”
4. Be patient. Patience that is accompanied by our obidience to God, a lot of good conducts and night prayers to ask for forgiveness.
5. Be thankful. Pak Arif said that nowadays people are much better in complaining. Endlessly. Where in fact, our complaints can close the door to what He wants to open for us.

Complete note (in Indonesian language) can be downloaded here.

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