Beyond Love stories (2)

The first of the two Rumi’s poets. For those who observe the fasting of Ramadhan. And those who walk a similar path of cleansing the soul.

May we obtain more than just hunger and thirst.

Beyond Love stories (2)

You risk your life to feed desires,
Yet you give your soul only short grazing spans,
And those grudgingly.

You borrow ten and repay fourteen.
Most of your decisions can be traced back
To cuisine and sex.

The fuel basket goes from one stokehole
To the next. Six friends hoist
Your handsomeness and carry it
To the cemetary.

Food changes going from table to latrine.
You live between deaths,
Thinking this is right enough.

Close these eyes to open the other.
Let the center brighten your sight.

Taken from Coleman Bark’s A year with Rumi, daily readings, June 16th, Page 194.

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