How can you call yourself good?

[Bahasa Indonesia]
A friend asked. Let’s call this friend A him and the other B her, for the sake of this conversation. A and B used to be friend, but not anymore. It was a heated separation. (and I am being modest in my use of words).

Basically A thinks B is a snake, and the feeling is mutual. Different animal but on par. So friend A said to me, “How can you call yourself good when you are still friend with her?”

Good question, I thought. Well, first of all, I never call myself good. Second, is it wrong to make friend with those who are considered to be snake by more than one person (to say the least)?

I actually discussed this with the snake herself, I mean, B, without refering specifically to A. I said, “perhaps that is because I believe that you will not bite me”

She responded, “You should not say that. That is called arrogance. Instead, you should say because you don’t have any bad intension against me.”

She was right. I don’t have any bad intension and therefore, God’s willing, it is safe to play with the snake. Even the snake has its wisdom.

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