The Witch of Portobello

[Bahasa Indonesia]
I wasn’t that interested in Paulo Coelho’s novels anymore. With all due respect to the gifted writer. It was just not my cup of tea.

So when the Witch of Portobello came out, I was not exactly running to the bookstore to get it.

That was, before a trusted friend recommended the book to me.

I was curious. I knew and trusted her preference in books.

On the same day she sms-ed me to recommend the book, I went to the bookstore, bought myself a cup of coffee, and sat at the coffee shop for hours reading that book.

I went home and continued reading it. I finished the book in one day. I could not put it down.

Then I told another friend about this book. Her response was unexpected. She said, “So what’s the result?” An sharp and odd response to a story about reading a book. It was a good question though. What was the result?

The result was it got me thinking about something I had not thought about for quite some time. Threw me back into an introspective and retrospective mode.

So if there will be a significant change in my life in the near future, you can blame it on Coelho. Or thank him.

4 thoughts on “The Witch of Portobello

  1. Yol

    hm… gue nggak gitu ‘tune’ same si Coelho ini..
    Mungkin kudu baca nih buku jg kali ya?
    btw, Portobello mushroom – … hmmmm


  2. Paula

    Dear Eva,

    Paulo Coelho got wind of your blog and wants to post this article on his blog.
    Paulo Coelho’s blog
    In case you have any restrictions, do not hesitate to write me on my email :
    Have a wonderful day!
    And here’s a quote to ponder:
    “We must make the most of the times
    when luck is on our side
    and do everything to help it,
    just as it is helping us.” Paulo Coelho


  3. Eva.M

    Yol – coba deh beli. baca buku ini sambil makan portobello mushroom (*keluh*). Pasti yummy!

    Paula – Post away! It would be an honor for me. Best regards to the master himself.

    Hanny – Glad you like it, too. If only you knew how moving that book was too me. It was there on the right time at the right place for me. And maybe for you too.



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