Note: I’tikaf (By A. Chodjim)

[Bahasa Indonesia]
The Arabic word “i’tikaf” gets popular especially towards the end of the fasting month of Ramadhan. People go to mosques, conduct the prayer, read the Qur’an, and spend the whole night (or more) in the mosque.

What is the essence of i’tikaf?

I’tikaf is about contemplation to achieve spiritual transformation. To contemplate on our conduct thus far, to contemplate on our relations with other beings and the whole universe (not just among human).

Al Qur’an does not specify how to conduct the i’tikaf. Thus the imams of the muslim provide the explanation, with some differences in the details.

Whatever the name may be, to me, contemplation is an important thing to do. Contemplation does not mean we think of a certain issue with specific objectives or achievements in mind.

Contemplation means opening self or heart so that the higher energy can infiltrate us, be present within.

The energy that can naturally and automatically guide us in navigating our lives, in harmony with our function and mission in life.

You can download the complete note (in Indonesian) here.

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