[Bahasa Indonesia]
This month I have been blessed with encounters with two teachers. People whom I believe have earned their rights to be called teachers. People with such ample amount of knowledge and skills but still manage to be so humble, ordinary and willing to reach out.

Pak Budi. A craniosacral therapist. I was introduced by a friend. I went to his house one night where he held his meditation session. You could not really tell which is him because he just blended with others. The (about) 10 of us chatted for a bit and meditated. Pak Budi then answered all questions asked and even treated one participant.

Pak Irmansyah Effendi. Founder of Reiki Tummo. I took several classes of Reiki Tummo several years back but never really got into it much. A friend YM me one day and said that there will be an alumni gathering with Pak Irmansyah as the speaker. Interesting.

I sat at the first row. The speaker had not arrived yet. Then this rather young guy with untidy hairs and blue-white Hawaiian shirt came and started to set up the notebook and laptop. A lady next to me said “Pak Irmansyah?” and he smiled. My god, that’s Pak Irmansyah? Wow. How come he is so ‘ordinary’?

I thoroughly enjoyed both session held by Pak Budi and Pak Irmansyah.

On a ‘sadder’ note, I have “lost” another teacher this month. Pak Pujo who passed away late last month. I only met him once but he has left such a deep impression to me. His passing made me think about that only time we met. I am sad that I do not have the opportunity to meet him again but thankful for that one time we have met.

People with great wisdom and such humility. Those people have earned the rights to be called “teachers”. And I am thankful for the opportunity to meet them.

Judging by the number of teachers I have met in such a short time, I supposed it is school time again. I look forward to become a student.

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