One month to go

[Bahasa Indonesia]
Remember that “a significant change in my life in the near future” I spoke about a while ago? Here goes.

I have decided to return to my natural habitat of freelancing. To become a freelance communications specialist (that is the title I give myself in my business card) once again.

And to be honest, actually, this time it is even more than that.

I have two passions in life at the moment (three if you include my family). One is communications. The other is natural healing and all that come along with it (meditation, yoga, spiritualism, etc).

In 2006, I concluded that I still love communications for communications sake. It would still be a thrill to work in the industry. BUT it has to be for a greater good. So I decided to focus on corporate social responsibility issues or development projects.

When the opportunity to be a full-time communications manager in a development project (which is my current job at the moment), I welcomed it with an open arm.

A year has passed. I have come to a different conclusion. It still does not feel 100% right. The soul is tired. The body is too. The brain is puzzled, struggling to find the reasons why.

Along came the Witch of Portobello. The book put me on the contemplative road whose existence was long forgotten. I knew I had to make a choice between the two passions.

Despite all the lessons learned, the social/professional network built, and the so-called impact made over the last year, communications is no longer fun for communications’ sake. For me.

I pictured myself marching on the career path of communications and I am not that fond of what I see. I do not foresee peace. (Granted, perhaps it is just my limited capability and subjectivity to see).

The choice is now clear(er). I will move into healing. I will for the thousandth time push myself into a new area beyond my comfort zone. To become a student one more time. I have met several teachers. I have signed up for two meditation courses in December. It is a start.

Like writing, communications should just be a medium for something greater, or, pragmatically speaking, a way to make a living for me. The focus will be on healing.

The choice is clear but not the road ahead. But that is OK. It is a process. I shall take it one step at a time. With guidance from Him. Or Her. Or something within.

I am counting down for the ship to set sail. Approximately one month from now. Deep breath.

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