Splinters of the universe

[Bahasa Indonesia]
[Once upon a time, my friend Hanny and I had our writer’s block. Then we decided to write in each other’s blogs instead.

So, ladies and gents, I present you Hanny as my very first guest blogger, whose blog is probably the only site I visit regularly.]

Dear Eva,

I know nothing about spirituality, meditation, or yoga, or those wonderful things that close to your heart. However, as agreed, let’s play Athena in The Witch of Portobello, and I’ll try to start talking about things I know nothing about.

About a year ago, out of nowhere, I decided to use the word ‘splinters’ when I’d like to go anonymous with my writings. I fell in love with the word in high school, when I found it inside a poem by Edith Sodergran, The Stars.

Edith is a poet who introduced Finland-Swedish modernism with free rhythm in her poems, and didn’t receive much recognition in her lifetime, but is now regarded one of Finland’s foremost poets…

Do you think Edith was ahead of her time?
Do you think she resembles Coelho’s Athena—The Witch of Portobello?

Anyway, I don’t want to think of it as a coincidence, but if you look up for the word ‘splinter’ in the dictionary, it means “a small, thin, sharp piece of wood, glass, or similar material broken off from a larger piece”.

What if the larger piece is the universe, Eva? What if I’m a splinter of the universe? What if we’re all splinters of the universe? We are, aren’t we?

So now it’s not that hard to imagine that we’re connected to each other in some way; that we’re capable of doing noble things; that our minds are magnetic and able to draw things we cherish closer to us; that we’re capable of revealing the secrets of the universe, one at a time.

And this, Eva, this is what I called spirituality.

Something that we’ve already had inside of us since birth, running through our veins and pumping our heart; but we kept on searching for it in those long and tiring journeys, only to find out that we’ve never losing it at the first place.


[I didn’t change a single letter, Han. I did not need to.

Beautiful, as always.]

3 thoughts on “Splinters of the universe

  1. GIES

    salam kenal eva:) postingannya udah baca di blog hanny..kreatif juga yaa..saling bertukar postingan…

    Han, we are splinters of the universe..


  2. nila tanzil

    oh, so beautiful 🙂

    hanny, yes, i agree that we’re all splinters of the universe, we connect to each other and we complete each other, too… in many ways… even though we sometimes don’t realize it.. 🙂

    ok, now am gonna read eva’s post in hanny’s blog.. hehhee.. 😀


  3. Eva.M

    Gies – Salam kenal juga. Aku tadi mampir ke blogmu. Semangat, jujur, dan refreshing 🙂

    Nila – Hey veggie girl. Look forward to our multi-postponed coffee time.

    Hanny –
    On edith – no, I don’t think she was ahead of her time. She was born and lived at exactly the right time and the right place, just like everything in life, like you, like me.

    On splinters of the universe – nice title, btw. Only you can pull it off. I supposed we often feel like splinters of the universe. Until we realize, we have never broken off from the larger piece at first place. We have always been one. And probably we are the universe. We are It. Him. Her. However way we want to refer to “it”.

    I think you know more about meditation and spirituality than you think you do.

    You have been spiritual all these times. You have always been meditating. You are being, which is much more than just doing or thinking.

    I look forward to the time when you are ready to set free the Athena in you.

    PS: What do you mean “I don’t want to think of it as a coincidence”. What are you referring to?



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