JakartaDoYoga opens!

[Bahasa Indonesia]
I am so happy for my friend, Yusni. She’s just opened her yoga studio, Jakartadoyoga, in the heart of Jakarta, a life-long dream of hers.

I went there last Saturday during its soft launch titled “Walking meditation and yoga all day long,” in which she held a walking meditation to a near-by park, held a yoga session in the park and five other yoga classes at her studio during that day. A neat and appropriate way of launching a yoga studio.

What I love about Yusni, her studio, and all other events she holds is the fact that you feel like coming to your friend’s event,. You don’t really feel like there is any distance between the organizer and the participants.

And you can feel Yusni’s enthusiasm towards yoga. I come to the studio and feel that the owner of the place has put her heart and soul into preparing and managing the studio.

So, here’s to Yusni, her studio and all the yoga enthusiasts in Jakarta or anywhere else in the world. Kuddos.

For further information, visit www.jakartadoyoga.com, email studio@jakartadoyoga.com, or just drop by Jl Sunda No 7, 3rd Floor, Menteng.

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