The Anahata Villa and Spa Resort

[Bahasa Indonesia]
I went to Ubud last weekend for the healing power of ikhlas program, co-managed by True Nature Healing and Kata Hati Institute.

I want to tell you more about the program but I am waiting for the handout to be distributed by e-mail. I want to be as exact as I should be. So for the time being, I will share with you the beautiful place that I stayed in: Anahata Villa & Spa Resort.

This is the first paragraph the resort uses to describe itself.

Nestled in the lush landscape of the Petanu River bank, Anahata is a world class Bali hotel villa. Surrounded by verdant tropical forest and restful waters, visitors to these Bali vacation villas experience the tranquility of a pristine environment with all the amenities of luxurious living.

You can read more about the resort on its website. But I want to tell you something that is not written in the website or the brochure.

The name. According to the ever-dependable Wikipedia, the Anahata chakra is physically positioned at the heart region. Anahata is associated with the ability to make decisions outside of the realm of karma.

In Anahata, one is making decisions, ‘following your heart’, based upon one’s higher self, and not from the unfulfilled emotions and desires of lower nature.

The wish-fulfilling tree, kalpa taru, resides here, symbolising the ability to manifest whatever you wish to happen in the world.

It is also associated with love and compassion, charity to others, and forms of psychic healing.

Wow what a great choice of name.

The people. I had the pleasure to meet Onie Djatmiko, the owner of Anahata resorts. She—and all her staff, and I do mean all—are so into servicing the guests. And if you know me in person, you know this is a huge compliment.

Can I have hair dryer? Certainly. How do you make this soup? Oh we do this and that. Would you like the recipe?

I left my empty bottle of mineral water on the bar table because I wanted to go the toilet nearby. When I returned, the bottle was already filled in with fresh water.

“Your shuttle to the airport would not leave for another hour. Why don’t you have another cup of tea? On the house.” Enough said.

The river. Oh the river. The resort sits by the junction of two clean clear fresh rivers. The Balinese believes such junction to be a pure and powerful place, an abundance of energy. You have to be there, really be there, to believe it.

My favorite place, the river bank. Early in the morning (or all day, I don’t care). Alone (or with somebody else, does not matter).

Onie, you have one great place. Thank you for sharing.

Pics courtesy of the Anahata resorts.

4 thoughts on “The Anahata Villa and Spa Resort

  1. Wazeen

    Mbak Eva, saya pengunjung baru blog mbak Eva, menarik postingannya, terutama chapter Tibet-nya, saya mau kommen di postingan itu tapi kok ndak bisa ya, saya juga pernah ke Tibet, tapi “little Tibet” di McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala,India, postingan mbak Eva menarik, tapi kok nggak ada kisah-kisah “sisi lain” dari aspirasi orang-orang Tibet di Tibetnya sendiri, kalau mbak Eva bisa ekspos sisi itu kayaknya menarik, dan saya sangat tertarik untuk ngobrol lebih lanjut.


  2. Eva.M

    Hai Wazeen. Thanks ya sudah mampir. Wah pernah ke Dharamshala? Menarik sekali itu.

    Maaf kalau gak bisa komentar. Gak tau juga kenapa. Rasanya setting-an tidak saya ubah dan biasanya orang lain pada bisa menaruh komentar di sana.

    Saya tidak (belum?) menulis “sisi lain” dari aspirasi orang-orang Tibet karena saya tidak cukup tahu tentang itu.

    Bahkan saya merasa bahwa saya hanya mendapatkan foto-foto yang bagus dan kelelahan fisik dari sana. Karena saya terlalu terburu-buru dan ambisius untuk pergi ke banyak tempat. Jadi tidak cukup menghirup udara dan budaya Tibet. Pelajaran buat saya.

    Ngobrol lebih lanjut dengan senang hati. Bisa ke


  3. Eva.M

    Hai No. Kabar baik, alhamdulillah. Ente apa kabar? Kayak ditelan bumi ndak pernah kedengeran. Silakan kalau mau nge-link, terima kasih banyak.

    Sering-sering mampir ya.



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