Lesson learned from the funeral

[Bahasa Indonesia]
Last night I went to friend’s family funeral.

I was amazed by the condolence flowers his family has received and the number of people attending the funeral. I did not realize that his family was that popular and part of that ‘it’ society.

My respect grew tremendously for him last night. Not because I now I realize how well off his family is. But because how grounded he is despite of his family status.

It takes a lot of maturity, self confidence, and awareness to be as humble as he is. I am honoured to be his friend.

Thank you for the lessons learned. Peace and love for your family always.

3 thoughts on “Lesson learned from the funeral

  1. Daus @ mataponsel.wordpress.com

    Hai, Eva. Apakabar? Seneng baca-baca tulisan loe lagi. Kata anak-anak Maverick sekarang gawe di SENADA. Sukses, deh.


  2. alumni STAN

    unlucky if we noticed a great person when he already gone… but we still can learn from his legacy, but can we pratice what he had done? sometime maybe, sometime i dont think so….


  3. Eva.M

    Daus — sudah di SENADA dan sudah mau berakhir masa baktinya plus balik ke freelance lagi 🙂 Apa kabar?

    Alumni stan — Agree, we learn from other people’s legacy. Sometimes we should practice what they have done. Sometimes we don’t, however noble the practice is.

    To each his or her own need and situation. To each his or her own lessons to understand.



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