Understanding autism

[Bahasa Indonesia]
Last weekend I helped my friends from MPATI (Masyarakat Peduli Autis Indonesia – Care for Autism Indonesia) in conducting a training session on public speaking for its pioneers.

About 15 people from all walks of life attended the training. Parents of autistic children, therapists, psychologists, and youth from Miss/Mr. Jakarta (I wonder if this is the correct translation of Abnon Jakarta). They came from Kalimantan, Solo and various places in Jakarta.

I can only say: Amazing people. People full of enthusiasm and commitment to share their understanding of autism and to help autistic children and their surrounding create a better future.

Thank you, Gayatri and DY, for allowing me to participate and for such a wonderful initiative. Thank you, MPATI pioneers, for your enthusiasm and patience.

Thank you, Mbak Lita of Maverick, for willing to help without any single hesitation. I cannot imagine doing this without your help.

I want to share the presentation of the training here. Unfortunately, it is still in Indonesian. Let me know if you are really interested and want to have the English version.

For more info, contact Ms. Tini or Ms. Reni at the MPATI Secretariat at
Jl Warung Buncit Raya 99, Wisma Yaqif, Jakarta Selatan. Tel +62 (21) 799 1508, hp +62 (813) 8074 1898 or e-mail yayasan_mpati@yahoo.com.

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