In memoriam: Pak Lukman

[Bahasa Indonesia]
Yesterday a colleague and friend, Ahmad Lukman, passed away. He was just 32 years old, a father of one cute son. He had been unwell for quite some time and the condition had gotten worse during the last several months.

Yet he was full of spirit. He was a diligent worker, was a great person to chat with about everything, loved reading books, and was an activist in his community.

He had lived a full life. And he never complained about his life or about his illness. Of course he said things about how he felt, but I don’t consider that as a real complain (or as another friend put it, the most unfortunate person in the world syndrome). He was a strong person, with an eternal smile on his face.

All I could think of as I was heading for his house last night was: he has done well in this life. Perhaps much better than many of us.

Salaam, buddy. You really did well. We’ll help take care of your family for you. You need not worry about anything.

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