Travel to Bromo

[Bahasa Indonesia]
I have not been traveling for traveling sake for quite some time. Recently when I traveled, it was for business, a course, or family. So I did not know what made me say yes to last week’s travel to Mount Bromo, East Java.

There were four of us. Ex-colleagues of mine. Well, not really. I only worked with one of them while the other two came in after I left the company. But somehow I did not hesitate for a single second to say yes to the invitation. And I am so glad I did not.

The trip was great. The weather was not ideal but that did not stop us from having fun. We visited several places, ate more than enough meals and snacks, and practically laughed all the way. We chatted about nothing and about everything. We had a blast. I certainly had a blast.

I remember my teacher said that we should not travel to get away from our problems and seek peace. Because peace is within.

Have peace within you. So by the time you travel, you will not be running away anymore. You travel to appreciate the beauty of nature and to enjoy the company of the people you meet along the way. You are glorifying God.

Thank you. And You. For the glorious scenery, the beautiful friends.

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